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Examples of Cases Where an Attorney Could Help

Every criminal charge in the state is a cause for concern. Even cases that fall under the umbrella of misdemeanors could bring lengthy jail sentences and create a criminal record upon conviction. According to California Penal Code § 19, a misdemeanor is any offense where the court can impose a jail term of no more than 364 days. However, for these penalties to apply, the statute for the specific offense must allow a court to sentence a guilty party to a term in jail exceeding six months. Typical examples include:

In these cases, a Pleasanton criminal defense attorney can work towards a fair plea deal to reduce a possible penalty or even bring a case to trial to defend your rights and try to defeat the prosecution’s case.

Felony criminal accusations are more serious in the eyes of the law. As a rule, these are offenses where convictions could be punished by a prison sentence and other serious consequences. Felonies may include robberies, burglaries, fraud, most sexual assaults and other sex charges, battery or assault with serious injuries, murder, and manslaughter. A criminal defense attorney in Pleasanton is prepared to protect the rights and freedoms of people facing felony-level and misdemeanor charges.

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Providing Proactive a Defense

Everyone facing a criminal charge of any level deserves compassionate, aggressive legal representation at every stage of their case. Even if an arrest has not yet happened, an attorney could help discredit a police investigation or arrange for an accused person to safely surrender to law enforcement when a warrant has issued for their arrest.

Once in police custody, a criminal defense lawyer in Pleasanton could fight to prevent abusive police interrogation techniques and contest the validity of lineup identifications. This protection continues up until the date of arraignment, where an attorney could argue for fair bail amounts and conditions.

A criminal defense attorney also works tirelessly at all court dates, including a jury trial. A lawyer may be able to uncover evidence that contradicts a prosecutor’s claims, file motions to exclude illegally obtained evidence, and present a defense to a jury that may help raise the idea of reasonable doubt in their minds. A legal advocate is prepared to be an ally every step of the way.

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Megan T. Burns
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“This firm is amazing and specifically Megan Burns who has approached my complex questions with care and concern. It is important that you find someone knowledgeable and caring because, in the end, were all human. I would highly recommend her.”


“I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were an amazing friend and counselor through this experience. As a professional, you were superb and very diligent. I couldn’t have asked for a more complete professional.”

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Every moment is critical during a criminal case. A criminal defense attorney will protect your rights from the moment you realize you are the target of a police investigation, during an arrest, pretrial court dates, and a final trial that determines the outcome of your case. Providing yourself with every possible advantage during each stage is critical.

A Pleasanton criminal defense lawyer could help you. They aim to create reasonable doubt in the State’s case while protecting your Constitutional rights at every turn. Call today to learn how they are ready to fight for you.

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    Get Legal Help Defending Yourself Against a Criminal Charge.

    Pleasanton Criminal Lawyer

    If you are the subject of a police investigation, it is understandable to feel concerned and anxious about your future. You may also have already been arrested and want to give yourself every advantage for the coming court dates. Every criminal accusation is serious, and you should act quickly to protect yourself.

    Hiring a Pleasanton criminal defense lawyer to handle your case could be the first step in the right direction. A skilled criminal defense attorney can provide essential help to protect your Constitutional rights. That attorney can also work to gather evidence that helps defeat a prosecutor’s case. Finally, an attorney could make necessary appearances in court, from arraignment to trial, to give you the best possible chance for a positive outcome.