Pleasanton Violent Crimes Lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys frequently represent clients who are charged with crimes of violence. Many times, these type of charges involve enhancements that can significantly increase a client’s prison exposure, such as allegations of causing great bodily injury, weapons enhancements or gang allegations. Often, even where self-defense does not apply, we marshal other relevant facts to justify or mitigate our client’s actions. As always, we bring a comprehensive “leave no stone unturned” approach.

In crimes of violence, there are usually two very different sides to the story. As soon as you contact our law firm, our lawyers will use a team of investigators to conduct our own examination of your case. It is important to act quickly so we can put ourselves in the position where we can mount your defense before evidence or witnesses disappear. It is also extremely important to thoroughly investigate the background of your accuser, especially if there is a strong self-defense claim. Call now to further discuss your case with our team.