Pleasanton Domestic Violence Lawyer

Violence (or DV) cases can be complex because they usually involve more than just criminal charges. Typically, issues within the family relationship must be addressed and there are commonly other, related legal issues, such as restraining orders, dependency cases, divorce or other family law matters. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to help you navigate these complicated legal issues while defending you against the criminal charges.

In some cases, the complaining witness and the defendant remain in a relationship together after the charges have been filed. In other situations, the complaining witness and defendant end their relationship. When possible, we work with the complaining witness to better understand the case.

If someone charged in a DV case is not a citizen of the United States, a conviction for domestic violence can have serious immigration consequences. One of our priorities is to settle cases in a way that has minimal impact on a client’s residency in the United States.

Depending on how severe the allegations are, our lawyers may be able to resolve the case informally. We cannot predict the outcome of a case, but we always work toward a disposition that is most beneficial for our client and the family. Call our Pleasanton domestic violence lawyers for aggressive defense.