Pleasanton DUI Lawyer

Are you facing a DUI charge? If so, then you should take immediate action to protect your future. Our DUI defense lawyers will investigate every angle of your case to find the best possible criminal defense. Further, he or she will work tirelessly to defend your rights and driving privilege.

At Mirador Law, PC, our criminal attorneys represent individuals charged with driving under the influence. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of a DUI laws, and we have a track record of obtaining exceptional results for our clients. This includes concluding cases with a dismissal of charges or a reduction of charges to less serious offenses.

How Can an Attorney Help Defend a DUI/DWI Charge?

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe. And, it is not unusual for a first offense DUI conviction to cost someone several thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance rates. It is important to identify potential defense strategies for your case. A Pleasanton DUI attorney can help you investigate technical DUI defenses. This includes examining the conduct of the police officer who stopped you. For example, if you were not stopped in a legitimate and lawful manner, then you could receive a dismissal of charges.

Additionally, if the field sobriety test was not administered properly, then you could also receive a dismissal of charges. Further, our lawyers will also examine blood test results or breath test records. We work regularly with experts in blood tests and breathalyzer maintenance and calibration. If needed, then we may ask them to testify in your defense.

What Are the Penalties for Driving While Under the Influence in California?

The potential penalties for a DUI in California will vary depending on the circumstances of your case. Yet, the maximum and minimum penalties you can receive are set by statute. For example, a first time DUI offender could face the following penalties:

  • Base fine between $390 and $1,000
  • Penalty assessments (more fees)
  • Between 48 hours to six months in jail
  • License suspension lasting several months
  • Three to five years of probation
  • Attending California DUI school for three to nine months

Of course, the more DUI convictions you have, the steeper the penalties become. It is important to consult with an Alameda County DUI lawyer. He or she will attempt to obtain the lowest charge for your case. This can only be accomplished after identifying the best possible legal defense.

Alameda County DUI Defense Resources

Is this your first time receiving a DUI charge? If so, then you should know how the Alameda County court system handles DUI arrests. The courts located in the following cities hear the majority of Alameda County DUI cases:

  • Oakland
  • Dublin
  • Fremont

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office prosecutes all DUI cases. If your DUI arrest was in Pleasanton or Dublin, then your case will be heard at the:

Additionally, after a DUI arrest, the police officer will confiscate your driver’s license. However, he or she will issue you a temporary driving permit. This permit is only good for 30 days. You will need to schedule a hearing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Safety Office. If you fail to schedule this hearing within 10 days, then the state will revoke your license for up to one year.

There are only 17 Driver Safety Offices in California. For residents of Alameda County, the closest one is located in Oakland, California.

Find a DUI Defense Lawyer Near You

A drunk driving charge can result in severe criminal consequences. This can include a fine, jail time, and a probationary period. A DUI arrest also has serious consequences for your driver’s license. It is crucial that you reach out to an Alameda County DUI lawyer.

The attorneys at Mirador Law, PC have decades of combined experience representing individuals facing drunk driving criminal charges. Our DUI defense attorneys offer a free consultation to better understand your case and your legal defense options. For a free consultation, contact us today. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form. We can defend your case at the DMV hearing and in the Superior Courts.