Pleasanton Homicide Lawyer

A homicide charge is as serious as it gets, since you are fighting for your life. If you are charged with murder or any violent crime, it’s important to hire an experienced criminal attorney. Our lawyers have handled more than fifty murder cases in the San Francisco Bay Area. We know what needs to be done to defend someone accused of a serious crime. We know from experience what evidence we need and where to obtain that evidence. Defenses in a murder cases may range from creating reasonable doubt to self-defense. We will also explore a defense based on your state of mind or mental issues.

As soon as you contact our law firm, our lawyers will use a team of investigators to conduct our own examination of your case. It’s important to act quickly so we can put ourselves in the position where we can mount your defense before evidence or witnesses disappear.

Simply because you are charged with homicide does not mean that it is impossible to arrange bail. We have arranged bail for people charged with both felony assault and homicide. Contact our office to discuss your case.