Pleasanton Child Abuse Lawyer

Childhood should be a time for children to safely explore the world as they grow and develop their imaginations. Unfortunately, many children become victims of abuse and neglect that can result in lifelong emotional and physical harm.

Whether it’s neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse, child abuse is a horrific crime. If you are the parent or guardian of a child abuse victim, call the child injury attorneys at Mirador Law for a free consultation. Our abuse attorneys could handle the legal work while you and your family focus on healing.

What is Child Abuse in California?

California Penal Code Section 273d defines child abuse as willfully, or intentionally, inflicting harm on a child resulting in injury or a “traumatic condition.” Child abuse laws apply to parents, guardians, and any other person who cares for children. This law along with a few others cover the different types of child abuse:

  • Physical Abuse – Examples of physical child abuse may include, but not limited to, hitting, slapping, or shaking a child.
  • Emotional Abuse – Examples of emotional child abuse may include bullying, manipulating, making threats of violence, routinely demeaning, or ignoring the child.
  • Sexual Abuse – Child sexual abuse includes any unlawful sexual activity involving a child including rape, incest, sodomy, indecent exposure, exposing a child to pornography, and more.
  • Child Neglect + Abandonment – Also known as child endangerment, it is illegal for parents to intentionally withhold food, shelter, or care from a child. Child endangerment laws also seek to punish parents that expose a child to the likelihood of physical harm, mental suffering, or death.

In some cases, employers or schools can be held liable for child abuse they allowed to occur. For example, if an employer did not perform a background check on employees working with children or ignored reported accusations of abuse, those actions can make them responsible for any child abuse that occurred.

Reporting Child Abuse in California

According to the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, if a person is in a position of authority over a child, they are required, by law, to report known or suspected child abuse or child neglect. Professionals that are considered mandatory reporters include but are not limited to:

  • Teachers, Instructional Aides, and Education Administrators
  • Childcare Workers + Daycare employees
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Psychologists + Social Workers
  • Police, Firefighters, and EMTs

Contact a Child Abuse Attorney for Help

Our knowledgeable attorneys have years of experience protecting and representing victims of child abuse. We can help you protect the identity of your child, talk to law enforcement, and file a lawsuit against the child abuse perpetrators.

We understand that right now, you and your child are going through a difficult time. Let our compassionate child abuse lawyers fight for your rights. Contact Mirador Law for a free consultation.