Emily Dahm secures “not guilty” verdicts in robbery trial where Target security guards attacked her client

Emily Dahm successfully defended Jake Fitchbarclay at a jury trial where he was accused of robbery at a Target store in San Francisco. Mr. Fitchbarclay was caught and tackled by three security guards after shoplifting several items from the store. When confronted by the guards outside the store, Mr. Fitchbarclay dropped all the stolen merchandise, but was still wearing a pair of shoes stolen from the store. The guards violently dragged Mr. Fitchbarclay back inside the store.

Despite pulling out a knife which cut two security guards, Mr. Fitchbarclay was found not guilty of the felony robbery charges as the jury agreed with Emily that Mr. Fitchbarclay was defending himself against the guards’ assault on him. Instead, he was only found guilty of a misdemeanor shoplifting charge and was sentenced to time served.