Five Car Accident Injuries That May Require Surgery

Five Car Accident Injuries That May Require Surgery

Car accidents can be serious and life-threatening. In a moment, you may find yourself fighting for your life in a hospital or facing serious injuries. Even low speed accidents can cause chronic pain and suffering. However, accidents that occur at higher speeds are more likely to result in significant and traumatic injuries. Below, our Pleasanton car accident lawyers discuss car accident injuries that may require surgery.

5 Common Car Accident Injuries That Require Surgery

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Damage to the brain can result in permanent impairment and a lifetime of pain and suffering. In some cases, brain injuries can even result in a loss of life. As such, medical staff monitor brain injuries closely for signs of swelling. Swelling puts pressure on the delicate tissues in the brain. If the intracranial pressure rises too much, surgery can alleviate the pressure and protect the brain from further damage.

Back Injuries

The forces of a car accident can cause back and spinal cord injuries. Severe spinal cord damage or ruptured discs may require surgery to correct. Without extensive surgical treatment, paralysis can occur. This paralysis may result in permanent impairment and a lifetime of limited mobility. Surgeries such as spinal fusions and laminectomies are common surgeries after suffering a back injury.

Neck Injuries

Like the back, the neck can suffer serious harm in a car accident. When the neck whips around violently, the discs in the neck can rupture or herniate. In some cases, the spinal cord can fracture. These injuries may result in life-threatening conditions that require immediate surgical treatment.

Internal Injuries

After a car accident, your body may suffer internal injuries to your organs. The liver, lungs, spleen and other vital organs can suffer damage during an accident. Internal bleeding can result in loss of life if not identified.

Compound Fractures

Doctors often treat simple fractures by setting the damaged section and applying a cast. A compound fracture, however, is more complex. When the fracture is serious, surgery is often required to ensure that the bone heals correctly. To do this, a doctor may need to insert pins, plates and rods into the bone to secure it. An accident survivor with a compound fracture may undergo multiple surgeries.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Car Accident?

If you suffered serious injury in a car accident, a lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you need to recover. Car accident injuries that require surgery often result in large medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. Without a lawyer on your side, insurance companies may try to offer you an unfair settlement.

Our car accident lawyers can fight for you and your right to full and complete compensation. We may be able to help you recover damages for:

  • Past, current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering

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